ACCESS pioneers again with the new flexible synchronous MCLE – ACCESS MCLE


ACCESS pioneers again with the new flexible synchronous MCLE

ACCESS pioneers again with the new flexible synchronous MCLE

November 14, 2021

MCLE or Mandatory Continuing Legal Education is composed of 36 unit courses that every Filipino lawyer should complete every 3 years. Otherwise, his practice before the courts will be affected, and his pleadings will not be recognized. In the past, MCLE was offered through face to face classes in seminar or hotel ballrooms. ACCESS introduced an alternative way to take MCLE and that is ONLINE.

The name ACCESS is synonymous to Online MCLE. Why? Two years before the pandemic, ACCESS founder, Atty. Peaches Martinez – Aranas envisioned that MCLE should also be done online instead of face to face only. After presenting the concept to the Supreme Court sitting En banc, online MCLE became a reality in the Philippines. There are two ways that MCLE can be delivered online, there is on demand and there is synchronous. ACCESS is the only provider in the entire Philippines that offers both. After the success of its On Demand MCLE which ACCESS fondly calls “Netflix for Lawyers”, it ventured into online synchronous MCLE.

The synchronous MCLE of ACCESS is the first of its kind. For one, it is offered every month until March of 2022. The schedule is every first and second Friday & Saturday of each month. You can rest assured that if you miss the first Friday in October, you can take the same lessons in the first Friday of the succeeding months. ACCESS is the only one that offers this flexibility! It is hard enough to sit through 9 hours a day for 4 days. What if you miss the morning session? You will need to scramble for other providers that offer the exact same subjects that you missed that morning. Usually, this is very difficult to match with your own schedule! It is actually the MCLE nightmare of lawyers. With ACCESS, the synchronous MCLE is somewhat on demand because you can schedule when to take all 36 units in a span of 6 months! No other provider in the Philippines does this. No one does synchronous MCLE this way in the entire country! ACCESS calls it flexible synchronous MCLE.

On top of the flexibility, ACCESS offers courses that are unique but relevant from subject matter experts. Their line up includes speakers from the judiciary and academe. Learn how to be a good trial lawyer from Dean Chel Diokno! Understand the latest on Family Law from Atty. Teresita Cruz. If you are under a BIR investigation, Atty. Willie Santiago provides techniques and tricks on how to handle an assessment. Atty Carina Bayon of Pepsi provides a course on key Food Safety laws in the Philippines. Learn about the controversial South China Sea arbitration from Atty. Fretti Ganchoon. By the way, you can hear from Justice Carpio himself from the On Demand MCLE of ACCESS. For the full list of courses please visit or check out their Facebook at

Since ACCESS launched its flexible synchronous MCLE, they have accommodate hundreds of enrollees per month. The ease of taking a make up class is not only welcomed by most of our students but is actually a big relief. One lawyer equipped – ACCESS flexible synchronous MCLE is less daunting and cumbersome because I can take the 4 days in a span of 6 months.

If you want a one stop shop for your MCLE needs, ACCESS is the place to go to. You can choose from the On Demand dubbed as Netflix for Lawyers OR you can choose the flexible synchronous. Other provides only offer one or the other. Moreover, no one offers flexible synchronous!

As the pioneer in online MCLE and a game changer of the industry, ACCESS is committed to introducing improvements to traditional MCLE. For the 8th compliance period which begins in April 2022, ACCESS is working on a course curriculum that is specific to one’s law practice. Wait for it!